Replacement of glass unit

Replacement of glass unit

One of the types of the window repair is the replacement of the glass unit.

Glass unit is a construction structure, which consists of two or more sheets of glass, hermetically fastened together on the perimeter. The need of replacement can be caused by the following reasons: if the glass is cracked or broken, there is dirt or garbage inside the unit, the sealing is broken, etc. It is also possible to change one unit to a better one in terms of performance.

When the need to replace such structure arise, the first question that the owner asks himself is: “Can I replace the unit by my own?” There’s an answer to that question: Hypothetically yes, actually no. This job is better be trusted to the experts.

The process of the replacement of the glass unit. First the cracked or broken  glass should be removed. Then it is necessary to loosen up clamping strips and remove old glass unit. The remaining glass can be removed using vacuum suction cups. When the show-window glass of large size is broken, the amount of the glass shards can be extraordinary. That is why before the dismantling the adhesive film is being stuck to the glass. Show-windows made of tempered glass are breaking into crumbs just like glass made from triplex, all there is needed to do is to remove the structure from the profile.

It is better to let the experts to install the new glass unit. They will choose the right dimensions and will install unit according to the technical norms and safety rules. It is necessary to keep the shape of the window wing during the installation. This process is called by professionals “stretching the window wing with a glass unit” and experts use spacers to stretch the geometrical structure of the wing. Even a slight distortion will cause the wing to sag, and a new unit may break.

Thus, the replacement of the glass unit is a rather complicated process that requires certain skills and knowledge, and can be performed properly only by highly qualified experts.

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