Installation work

Installation of PVC windows in Riga with “Rilat Home” is convenient!

Installation of every window structure takes no more than half an hour;
Proper installation of plastic windows implies consistency;
The work is done by professionals, the guarantee for installation is 2 years.
Three simple components help to achieve the best result:

Long-term professional experience;
Materials of leading manufacturers;
Accurate following of norms and rules.

Installation of plastic windows

Installation of plastic windows in a wooden house, apartment, installing them on a balcony or enclosed balcony implies several stages.
Dismantling of old window constructions and levelling the window aperture. After that experts proceed directly to the installation of the PVC window.
The final stage includes the installation of the frames and soleplates, fixation of windows with fastening elements and sealing them with sealing foam. The last part of the process is the installation of window sills, treatment of the joints, adjusting the fittings.
To be sure the installation of the windows in wooden or frame house is done well, there are few secrets to be known.
The lowest part of the window should be higher than the edge of the window opening; The installation of the outside sills is obligatory; The protective film is removed right after the installation of windows as it is impossible to remove it after some time.

The specific of the installation of windows in winter time.

Reasonable question: is it rational to install windows during winter? Price are reducing and terms of manufacturing are also getting lower. But does it mean we have a prospect of staying in the cold without windows and experiencing a long-remembered adventure? Obviously, it is not about the winter per se, it is about the air temperature outside and it is important to realize why heavy frost is dangerous.

The technology of installation of plastic windows requires about 15 minutes and during this time the window opening will be fully opened. This will not harm heaters, nor the furniture or the wallpapers, maybe only house plants but they should be moved from the territory of the installation of windows beforehand.

Experts do not recommend to install windows when the temperature drops lower than -10 C but for other reason. The thing is that these temperature is not a working temperature for the sealing foam and it will not expand as it should and it can lead to the defects in installation.

Experts of the RILAT HOME Company knows about the importance of the high quality installation of the windows and they give this process maximum attention trying to achieve the ideal accuracy of fitting the frame in the window opening.

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