Jamb finishing

Jamb finishing

Jamb is a part of the wall that is attached to the window. The main functions of jambs are decorative and heat-saving. Jambs are conventionally divided into internal (inside the room) and external (outside of the window). The jamb finishing is the final stage of the installation of the plastic windows.

The gypsum wallboard is a great heat insulator and a rigid material, which provides additional heat insulation and mechanical strength of such jambs. In this case, either a waterproof gypsum wallboard or a regular one is used.

The finishing of openings with a gypsum wallboards consists of the following stages:

  • Preparation of the opening which is consisting in removing old plaster layers;
  • The installation of the gypsum wallboards.
  • Plastering of the seam “jamb-wall”: the seam of the joints of the jamb and the wall is plastered along the level of the existing wall or strictly vertically (depending on your choice);
  • Putting special silicone (acrylic) sealant in places where gypsum wallboard and window construction have joint;
  • Painting gypsum wallboard with water-based paint.


  • You can shape jambs into any shape, even complicated curved construction.
  • Complete non-flammability of carcass materials, gypsum wallboard, plaster, and paint;
  • Any final colour of the jambs can be chosen. The colour can be changed by a simple repaint.

The gypsum wallboard and air gaps provide additional warmth-keeping.

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