Vertical blinds

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vertikalas zaluzijas - Vertical blinds


The description of the vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are the practical dress for your windows.

The comfort of the usage

Vertical blinds are the very functional kind of the antisun system. Slats of this kind of blinds are situated vertically, just like the common regular blinds. But, unlike the latter, they have a control at the edge of the ledge, which make it possible to move the slats without touching them.

Vertical blinds are controlled by the chain for turning the slats and the string to move them along the length of the ledge. Vertical blinds have few ways of controlling:

  • Slats are moving towards the control
  • Slats are moving from the control
  • Slats are moving into different directions
  • Slats are assembled in the centre

Also, it is possible to install the mechanism of the control of the vertical blinds on the right or the left side of the ledge.

The practicality of the vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are long livers With careful use they can work up to 15 years. The fabric is soaked in the special chemical solution which allows slats to not accumulate dust and soot for a long time so you will not have to wash them for a long time. Mechanisms are simple and solid. Aluminium and plastic slats of the vertical blinds can be wet cleaned.

Systems with electric drive and remote control are available.

Low price

Vertical blinds are very popular in schools, kindergartens, clinics, and also, in the companies offices due to the low price of this kind of blinds and their instalment. The price requested for a rather large volume of square meters is much lower than for some other kind of blinds. In addition, the length of the ledge can reach 5 meters and the height of the slat can reach 10 meters.