Roller blinds for plastic windows

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zaluzijas rullo - Roller blinds for plastic windowsrullo zaluzijas - Roller blinds for plastic windows

Roller blinds for plastic windows

MINI system

Small shaft for fabric (diameter 19 mm.).

Width 250 to 1600 mm Height up to 1600 mm

MINI system is usually used as a light filter for every wing of the plastic window. The lower bar is fixed by small magnets to the lower side of the wing. This is more low-budget alternative to the cassette systems. You can separately order the guides which will allow to reduce the price of the product and reach the level of the comfort like the cassette type system has.

Classic system Standard

Big shaft for fabric (diameter 25, 32, 45 mm depending on the sizes needed).

Width 300 to 4500 mm. Height up to 5000 mm.

Roller blind can be installed on the opening to the wall and inside to the jamb, or to the ceiling. The system is similar to MINI but with a larger fittings for larger sizes. The roll can be covered with a white aluminium box or with a decorative box with an insert of a piece of used fabric.

Roller blinds are unusual, compact, and practical. It is easy to change your interior with roller blinds. These blinds can fit into any style.

roller blinds consist of one solid fabric sheet you can unroll to the needed size. The density of fabrics varies and you can change the level of light transmission with the different density. The choice of colours is wide and it will be easy to choose the necessary shade.

Advantages of roller blinds:

  • Free access to the window sill.
  • In summer, roller blinds prevent the room from heating up and fading out.
  • In winter, they prevent the heat loss.
  • Perfectly fit modern plastic windows.
  • They form the whole visual construction with the window.


The advantages of roller blinds:

  • Free access to the windowsillkasetu zaluzijas - Roller blinds for plastic windows
  • In the summer heat and prevent from burning room
  • In winter, prevent heat loss
  • Ideal for the modern plastic windows
  • Forms a single visual structure with window

Technical specifications

  • Max width: 2000 mm
  • Max height: 3000 mm

    Color picking tape and guides:
    snow white, anodized, pine, anthracite, dark golden oak mahogany, golden oak, cherry, brown, black, painting in any RAL color

The light transmittance of from 10 to 100% darkness


chain mechanism by pulling the chain, you can install shutters in any position, if desired, you can set the engine 12 and control blinds with remote control

Cleaning: dry cleaning and steam

Warranty: 2 years