Metal door complete set

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Metal door complete set

Front doors are the face of the apartment and, at the same time, a protection from unwanted visitors. Many of you wondered: what is more important when you choose a front door: its design or safety?


The most appealing of all finishing materials is an MDF panel. You can choose from the catalogue a colour, texture, shape of the embossed panels, and choose a door trim that will perfectly fit into the overall style of your hallway.
MDF panel is being produced by the dry pressing of fine-dispersed wood chips at high temperature and pressure. A film of polymer material is applied atop, and this adds the durability to the door covering. Such panels are superior to the natural wood by their waterproof and mechanical characteristics.
Doors with MDF panels can have one or two sided facing. Of course, it affects the price of the goods, a two-sided facing will make a door more expensive. Anyway, they will not cost a customer as much as will a door made from solid wood. Also, a door with an MDF panels is thicker than a regular one which greatly improves its parameters of heat and noise insulation.


Powder coating is a modern technology for finishing the front door, which uses advanced discoveries in the field of chemistry and physics. Special technique applies a metal powder or a polymeric mix to the previously treated metallic surface brought to the certain temperature.
A door surface with a powder paint coating is more resistant to environmental influences and long-term exposure to ultraviolet (does not fade out in the sunlight). This product is not afraid of any weather conditions (even the direct rain). Powder coating will effectively protect your door from the mechanical damage as it has increased impact resistance, and also conceals metal defects and scratches.
When ordering a metal door for the house you have to remember that the outside facing of the door should be durable against the environment.
Metal doors with powder coating have modern and great look as well! In catalogue you can choose the colour of the powder paint that will fit your interior.
If you decide to order this door, you will make a great choice as the quality of the door is very high and the price is low and affordable.

If you are tired of standard solutions in decorating the interior and the exterior of your country house, then you need to come up with something new. There are few reasons for ordering the front door with a glass unit.
First of which is decorative. The mode with a glass unit is a great decorative solution for your living quarters, and if you use stained-glass window, this door will become a great face of the house which will accent the uniqueness and individuality of the design.
Speaking from the practical point, a door with a glass unit will make your hallway brighter and more spacious as it allows the light to come through the glass into the dark room. One more practical characteristic is that this door will not need a peep-hole which, usually, distort the view. To be aware about your surrounding and to see who is at your door you will only need to look through the glass at your door. If you are worried about the thieves being able to get into your house, you can calm down because it is impossible to squeeze the glass out, as it is as durable as metal sheet.


A finish casing is a part of the door frame that covers a space between a frame and a door opening into which a door is installed. Why are finish casings needed? First of all, a door looks worse without finish casing, and the second is that it is much easier to operate with a crowbar when there is no finish casing: an intruder has only to squeeze the crowbar into the crack and pull the structure out. The finish casings will greatly complicate the embodiment of these insidious schemes.


When ordering a standard door you can order a door handle in golden or silver colours. For the extra payment you can order a door handle of an improved design from the examples shown in our showroom It will finish the look of the door and will add the uniqueness.


In addition, we also advise customers to install a night latch. If you leave the key in the keyhole during the night, an experienced thief will have no problems to hook the key from the outside and use it to unlock the door The night latch will not allow this to happen. Besides, it is much more comfortable to use it during the day when you are at home. You don’t have to put the key into the keyhole and turn it few times locking or unlocking the door.