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Rilat Home Company is a reliable partner in decorating your home

We have been doing business for more than 10 years in the Latvian market for plastic windows and furniture production. The range of products has been significantly broadened during this period and now in Rilat Home showroom you can buy the following:

  • Windows, doors and sliding systems which are made of PVC, wood and aluminium;
  • Shutters and window screens of all kinds;
  • Customized kitchens, wardrobes, cabinet-type furniture;
  • Metal and interior doors are suited to every taste.

Company mission

Our mission is saving your time and especially costs, and not letting you get nervous.

If you have purchased real estate, started remodeling or decided to renovate the interior, you just need to visit Rilat Home showroom and  gently pick at single place all the necessary elements of your future interior, with relying on professionals.

We know how decorating your home can become enjoyable, providing a wonderful and astonishing result!

What is the way we are doing our business?

For 10 years of doing business in a difficult, dynamic market, we have gained invaluable experience and image, improved production methods and improved quality of our products. We are motivated by the desire to move only forward, to develop and stay strong in the pursuit of our goals.

That’s why our employees are genuine professionals.

We begin to work with the idea, the concept that we create together with the customer. We engage experienced designers, architects, developers and engineers. In our business we use modern technologies: computer modeling, 3D visualisation, designing, and production facilities are equipped with the most modern and certified equipment.

The combination of our knowledge and experience gives an excellent result.

Our customers

Decorating of your home always gives a unique experience.

Each project is one of a kind, whether it’s a kitchen in a standard apartment, glazing of a residential building, erecting of multitiered cabinets or production of reliable antirobbery doors.

We use only an individual approach to each customer. All our products are manufactured according to exact measurements for a specific project.

This perspective and responsible attitude to our business allowed us to execute numerous projects successfully, in Latvia, Sweden, Germany, Australia and other countries around the world.

Along with private customers, state and commercial organizations, construction companies, design studios, real estate developers are among our customers.

We are proud of our customers and what we have done for them.

If you have any questions or if you want to contact us, we will gladly reply to your questions. Please call +371 22181877 or use the contact form for feedback.

Quality Guarantee

Guarantee maintenance of plastic windows and doors is carried out if the window and / or doorway and the installation of finished structures were measured by the company “RILAT”.

Minimal terms

“Rilat Home”company  is engaged in repair, sale and installation of plastic windows and doors. The company was established in 2006.

Permanent discounts

Want get additional 5% discount? Order a product or service from our website by filling out an application.



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